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    Having run Fields Lodge as a Boutique Bed and Breakfast for over 6 years now, I have a certain level of knowledge as to what ‘people’ like for breakfast. And being independently judged over the years and consistently winning Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast, I have found, through my own journey towards sugar free, gluten free, low carb that my own tastes have altered and this has driven me towards putting alternative options onto the menu, as it’s what I would like to eat!

    Without a shadow of a doubt, still the most popular is a traditional cooked breakfast-we call it a ‘Fields Lodge’ breakfast, but most know it and call it an English Cooked Breakfast, but as we’re in Wales, I just can’t do that!

    So, from our recent guests, here are the five most popular:

    Traditional Cooked, we cook everything in the Aga, and I am quite sure that makes for a much deeper taste, rather than cooking the food in an electric fan oven, which to me is cooking by basically blowing a hot hairdryer on it-how dehydrating is that for your food?

    Avocado and friends, we cook saute spinach, mashed avocado, nice crispy bacon and baked tomatoes, topped with a poached egg-this is my absolute favourite! And, it’s delightful to see that a local café which I choose to use for breakfast myself, where I was constantly just asking for these separate items, which tended to confuse the poor server for a while, until they got used to it, now has this dish as a set item on their menu! And this breakfast is one where I don’t need to have HP sauce, which is my LOVE on a cooked breakfast!

    Smoked Salmon & scrambled eggs, Creamy scrambled eggs with chopped smoked salmon from Milford Docks. Personally I do not like to have a huge slice of smoked Salmon, I do prefer mine chopped up and in the scrambled eggs, so this is the way we serve it here. I ‘borrowed’ Gordon Ramsey’s idea for cooking scrambled egg and add a little crème fraiche to the end of the scramble process, which makes for a nice creamy egg but it’s not ‘sloppy’ like you can get sometimes, I really do not like a sloppy scrambled egg. But many do-it’s a good job we’re not all the same, the world would be a boring place otherwise.

    Welsh Crempog, or pancakes, we make gluten free ones here with almond flour, so they’re low carb, which means I can have them-they are my sweet treat. We griddle them on the top of the Aga, and serve them with fruit honey and yoghurt

    Aga Baked Porridge, we use large oats, which are much better for you than the ones that have been refined smaller, as they take longer to digest and therefore, fill you up for longer and also allow your digestion extra time for getting out all the nutrients from within. We soak the oats in the bottom oven of the Aga, which makes them really creamy, even with just water and then once the guest are ready for them, we will add either milk, water, half and half or even cream if that’s what they’d like. They have a really rich taste and are super yummy to eat on a cold day. Topped with any of the many sauces, jams and syrups we have here, my preference are the prunes we make that are steeped in Earl Grey tea, vanilla and orange. Sublime!

    I’m happy to share any of the recipes we use here, so feel free to drop me a line.

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