• Pumpkin at Fields Lodge

    Bonfire Night and Fireworks at Herbie

    Halloween at Fields Lodge
    Halloween at Fields Lodge

    Halloween has come and gone and the next adventure is Fireworks on Bonfire night,  here at Herbie(local speak for Herbrandston). We set our display for Halloween in the hallway and we carved our pumpkin-I like the traditional designs for pumpkins, rather than the great designs that are out there now! I think next year we should have a staff Pumpkin Carving Competition and get the guests to judge. I will try to carve out a  pumpkin with the design of our logo too- I think that would look great. Coming back to the village and November 5th,  here, at Herbie, the community council who work tirelessly for the village, arrange a bonfire night and a firework display in the village Sports field.

    It’s a free to attend display, where the council ask for donations from the villagers to help subsidise the cost. A great event, normally with some burgers and hot dogs and a drink to keep you warm. It’s usually a really good display, especially for a tiny village like Herbie. If you have anything to burn, you can help build the display ready for bonfire night.

    As we have Ollie here in the annexe, I now prefer to stay at home with  Ollie boy. He’s not normally bothered by fireworks or a bonfire, but with his Addisons Disease, I wouldn’t be happy leaving him, just in case. We don’t miss out though, as from upstairs you can see the sports field and enjoy the fireworks from the warmth of the bedroom, or if you want to, you can go onto the front lawn and watch with a hot toddy in your hand! One of the recipes I like to use can be found here.

    There’s nothing nicer than munching on something that’s good for you, and my latest ‘go to’ healthy snack food is scotch eggs. Here’s the recipe I’m using, courtesy of qualified nutrionalist Ellen at Healthaspire -she has a recipe book coming out soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Find out more about Ellen and Healthaspire here





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