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  • Eating Out this week

    Well, this week I was host to two ‘old’ colleagues of mine from my banking career-Mike & Peter, who were walking a piece of the coast path. I took them to Buccibar Indian, a new enterprise on Milford Marina. I can highly recommend this- 5 star surroundings, not your usual Indian, pleasant staff and no rush to get you out to resell the table. All the usual suspects on the menu and some new ideas too! I was a bit worried, as Peter is a bit of a curry expert, but he did say it was the best curry he had had!! Praise indeed. Great surroundings being on Miford Marina-put it on your list of places to go.

    Pickle Tray Buccibar And just look at the pickle tray, not your usual stainless steel job!

    And then last night, I was out with Gill for a catch up after her holidays, and we ate at Martha’s Vineyard-again at Milford Marina. Here I had the 4oz fillet wrapped in ham and topped with cheese-fabulous! So, again, another place to visit. Then just to top the week off, I am off to a Musical Sunday Lunch at Wolfscastle Hotel with my parents- so I shall report on that next time, although I am already expecting this to be stupendous! So much for my diet, but it’s all in aid of guest research-I can’t recommend somewhere unless I’ve tried it, can I???

  • A Bay to Remember

    This week I went with a friend in search of Dolphins in the Cardigan Bay, with a company called ‘A Bay to Remember’ In their literature it stated that on the hour trip I was doing that we had a 50% chance of seeing Dolphins..so here’s hoping!

    While we were out, Pembrokeshire suffered a huge storm, thunder & lightening! We didn’t see that-just the rain-note to self-next time wear waterproof bottoms as well as a coat!

    Tony, our boat Skipper was a very conscientious driver and made easy work of the swell and did his best to keep us out of the rain. The boat that came in just before us had seen a large pod of Dolphins that gave them a good show of jumping and blowing, but for us, I think the rain had sent them far away-not a dolphin in sight. We saw a solitary Gannet, and got excited for a while, but no luck! We were given some excellent commentary from the experienced second in command, who gave us all the history of Holm Island and the birds there-on.

    After searching in vain, we were then treated to a large group of seals enjoying an afternoon sleep on one of the pebble beaches. It took me a long time to realise there were seals there, as they just looked like big grey boulders but they were so nosey, they all started to come into the water to have a look and then reminded me of Meerkats standing up on their back legs to get a good view!

    The geology around the bays was fantastic and we drove into 2 caves for a closer look. I wish I’d taken more notice of my geology lessons in school!P1020179Dophin



    An impersonation of a Meerkat!



  • Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast

    Steve Robinson trophyI am delighted to announce that Fields Lodge has won the Pembrokeshire Tourism’s Award for Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast. At the last count (according to Trip Advisor) there were 310 B&Bs in Pembrokeshire-so to be declared as the ‘Finest’ is superb!!

    A very lovely Steve Robinson piece of glassware was the trophy (see pic) and this now has pride of place in the hallway for all my guests to admire. I hope this enthuses them to visit Steve’s gallery when they are visiting St Davids. He does some splendid work-Aga bespoke splashbacks are superb, I am coveting one of those, but that will have to go on the back burner (haha!) against the other purchases I would like to make for the comfort of my guests!

    I am looking forward to welcoming more guests to sample my breakfasts and I am always trying out new recipes to give an alternative to the traditional ‘cooked’.

Skomer Puffin

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