• Sandy Haven

    My Favourite Pembrokeshire Beach

    My Favourite Pembrokeshire Beach

    We are spoilt for choice for beaches in Pembrokeshire- there are over 50 to choose from and Pembrokeshire is the Uk’s only true Coastal National Park. Miles of golden sand, red sans and grey to choose from -where do you start? I originally was going to write about my favourite 5 beaches, but after starting to write about my first favourite, I realised that this blog would just be way to long! So, today is just about my favourite beach-Sandy Haven.

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  • Bubbly on Ice

    It’s Leap Year!

    Leap Year Day

    Leap year comes around every 4 years and has been traditionally known as the day that women can propose to men. I think these days, we’re a lot more relaxed about things like that-I don’t think women have to wait or feel they have to wait for a man to propose to them, but I’m a traditionalist, so for me,  I like the hearts and roses side of things-the man on one knee, etc, etc, etc!

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  • Holidaying without a car

    Why not holiday without a car?

    Walking Boots
    Walking Boots at the ready

    Fancy just getting away and having a holiday without a car? Isn’t is lovely to  have a real change from ‘normal’ life? I love going to different places-it doesn’t matter if it’s only a few days, the old adage ‘a change is as good as a rest’ is quite true, I find.

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  • Our lovely new website

    Fields Lodge gets a new Website

    Have you seen our lovely new website for Fields Lodge??

    I’m guessing, as you’re on the blog, then you may have!

    Fields Lodge
    Fields Lodge

    However, that doesn’t preclude me from saying how great I think it is. I used to think my ‘old’ website was great, but now, I’m blown away with this one. I guess what was fashionable and IT functional 5 years ago is not what’s fashionable and functional today (although I have a few things remaining in my wardrobe from 5 years ago-maybe I could use that as an excuse to get a whole new ensemble?!?!).

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  • Romantic Breaks at Fields Lodge Bed & Breakfast

    Relax with  Romantic Breaks

    Romantic Breaks
    Romantic Breaks

    We love making people feel special when they’re on a stay with us, romantic breaks are a favourite amongst our guests.  We are happy to cater to any occasion, and our team of lovely girls do a really great job of dressing a room for a surprise.

    For those wishing to make the most of a stay away, we can offer an early check in, so you can relax as soon as you arrive.

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  • Get Fit Here!

    Get fit in Pembrokeshire

    Cycle route exploration
    Planning which way to go!

    Pembrokeshire is getting fit! Visit Wales’ theme for this year is ‘Year of Adventure’, so I shall be highlighting some of the activity adventures, as well as the foodie adventures you can have over the coming blogs.

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  • St Dwynwen’s Day January 25th

    St Dwynwen’s Day

    St Dwynwens Day is on 25th January and is the ‘Welsh’ Valentines Day. She is the Welsh patron Saint of Lovers and is celebrated on this day.

    Breakfast In Bed
    Breakfast In Bed

    Although no longer recognised by the Vatican as being an official saint, she is still widely celebrated in Wales, especially in her home county of Anglesey.

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  • Aga Cooked Breakfasts

    Happy New Year!

    Well, here we are in 2016- and it’s still raining! Happy New Year, everyone from me, my fab team of girls and my lovely Aga, the home of our double award winning Aga Cooked Breakfasts!

    Breakfast Awards
    Breakfast Awards

    We have been suffering from great winds too, to compliment the rain, every day, practically, for over 2 months now. We ‘re deceptively high here, so we catch the wind coming straight in off the sea at the heads (St Ann’s Head).

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  • Start with Why- Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    Fields Lodge

    Start with Why!

    I am often asked how I came to be running a Bed and Breakfast. So I thought it an opportune time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to share my journey. I have recently read a book by Simon Sinek, whose main thread to having a successful business was to explain ‘Why’ you did the things you did, so that people would ‘get’ you…so here goes!

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  • Gluten Free Heaven

    Gluten Free Crackers at Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Pembrokeshire

    seed Crackers & Hummus
    Seed Crackers & Hummus

    As you may know I am attempting to follow (personally), a gluten free lifestyle-well, gluten, wheat, sugar and lactose really. I’m intolerant to these things and I can really tell when I fall off the wagon.

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  • health aspire fields lodge

    Detox Health Weekend

    I am delighted to be joining forces with Ellen Picton, a qualified nutritionalist, of Healthaspire-based at Milford Haven Marina.

    Ellen has planned a busy 4 day, 3 night, Detox weekend to kick start your health for spring. It is a residential weekend, based here at Fields Lodge and at Ellen’s offices during the day.

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  • Harcombe Diet Friendly

    As you may know, I have been attempting to get to a ‘sugar’ free lifestyle for a while, falling off the wagon many times, I might add! Historically, I have had the stomach of a goat, could eat anything, but over recent years I have felt that there are various food stuffs my poor body was not enjoying, and sugar seemed to be a major contributor..

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  • Steve Robinson Glass Art

    Steve robinson wall art
    Steve Robinson Wall Art in the Gallery

    I was so fortunate to attend a morning at Steve Robinson, Glass Art in St Davids a few weeks ago. It was a trade day courtesy of Pembrokeshire Tourism and gave us an idea of what visitors to Steve’s studio might expect if they were to book onto one of his workshops.

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  • Foodie Heaven in Narberth

    The last weekend of September saw the Narberth Food Festival coming to town.

    This is a festival with a wonderful atmosphere and plenty of seats!

    There are delights galore if you like your food, there’s a beer tent and live music playing in the outside area and inside the marquee there are many, many independent food retailers from the local area and beyond. Infact, you can enhoy a 3 course meal from all the tasters that are on offer!

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  • Ironman comes to Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    Ironman comes to Pembrokeshire

    Swimmers Ironman Wales
    2000 swimmers starting their race

    40,000 people recently descended on Pembrokeshire, Tenby, in particular to watch or take part in Ironman Wales.

    Running shoes waiting
    Running shoes waiting to be collected after the swim

    This challenging competition is run over 1 day, with a sea swim, biked ride and then topped off with a full marathon! It’s not for the faint hearted and it is deserved of it’s name!

    My friend Gills’ son, Neil was in the competition-the second time for him and I also had a guest staying who was here to cheer on her sister, who was also competing.

    Over 2000 men and women entered, with over 190 being from Pembrokeshire.

    Swimmers prosession
    The swimmers procession down to the start of the swim

    The day started at 5 am for us(on my day off!!!!), getting up so that we could drive to Carew to pick up the Park & Ride that the council had put on, as all the roads around Tenby would be closed due to the race. The Park & Ride ran very well, getting us into Tenby for 6.15am, and already the town was filling up, with Ironmen in their wet suits being spotted getting ready for their swim!

    The swim start time was 7am, and there were thousands of people standing all over looking the beach ready to cheer them on.

    Sun Rising
    The sun rising just as the swam began

    The sea got more choppy as time went on, so the slower swimmers did have the hardest job-they had to swim 2 laps within 1 hour 15 mins to be able to carry onto the next leg-the bike ride.


    I was standing next to a family who were supporting the husband competing in the race-he had previously done a half Ironman in Bolton, and they were amazed by how many people had turned out to cheer on the competitors, they said the atmosphere was much better in Pembrokeshire! (Yaay!!)

    After the swim, the competitors had to run to transition to get onto their bikes and cycle all over south Pembs, before coming back to transistion to change into running shoes to finish with a full marathon.


    Neil was hoping to get within a 12 hours finishing time, and all the family was there to support him.

    The day started at 7am, and the competitors had until midnight that night to get all 3 stages completed, with individual deadlines in place for each stage, complete it within the deadline or be disqualified and therefore unable to continue.


    As it happened, Neil did tremendously well, finishing faster than some of the professionals, with a final time of 11 hours, 30 mins and a position of 126-go Neil!! I must find out what he had for breakfast!!

    Neil on his last lap
    Neil enjoying his last lap!

    What’s his next challenge going to be??


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