• St Dwynwen’s Day January 25th

    St Dwynwen’s Day

    St Dwynwens Day is on 25th January and is the ‘Welsh’ Valentines Day. She is the Welsh patron Saint of Lovers and is celebrated on this day.

    Breakfast In Bed
    Breakfast In Bed

    Although no longer recognised by the Vatican as being an official saint, she is still widely celebrated in Wales, especially in her home county of Anglesey.

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  • Aga Cooked Breakfasts

    Happy New Year!

    Well, here we are in 2016- and it’s still raining! Happy New Year, everyone from me, my fab team of girls and my lovely Aga, the home of our double award winning Aga Cooked Breakfasts!

    Breakfast Awards
    Breakfast Awards

    We have been suffering from great winds too, to compliment the rain, every day, practically, for over 2 months now. We ‘re deceptively high here, so we catch the wind coming straight in off the sea at the heads (St Ann’s Head).

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  • Start with Why- Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast

    Fields Lodge

    Start with Why!

    I am often asked how I came to be running a Bed and Breakfast. So I thought it an opportune time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to share my journey. I have recently read a book by Simon Sinek, whose main thread to having a successful business was to explain ‘Why’ you did the things you did, so that people would ‘get’ you…so here goes!

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  • Gluten Free Heaven

    Gluten Free Crackers at Fields Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Pembrokeshire

    seed Crackers & Hummus
    Seed Crackers & Hummus

    As you may know I am attempting to follow (personally), a gluten free lifestyle-well, gluten, wheat, sugar and lactose really. I’m intolerant to these things and I can really tell when I fall off the wagon.

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  • health aspire fields lodge

    Detox Health Weekend

    I am delighted to be joining forces with Ellen Picton, a qualified nutritionalist, of Healthaspire-based at Milford Haven Marina.

    Ellen has planned a busy 4 day, 3 night, Detox weekend to kick start your health for spring. It is a residential weekend, based here at Fields Lodge and at Ellen’s offices during the day.

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  • Harcombe Diet Friendly

    As you may know, I have been attempting to get to a ‘sugar’ free lifestyle for a while, falling off the wagon many times, I might add! Historically, I have had the stomach of a goat, could eat anything, but over recent years I have felt that there are various food stuffs my poor body was not enjoying, and sugar seemed to be a major contributor..

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  • Steve Robinson Glass Art

    Steve robinson wall art
    Steve Robinson Wall Art in the Gallery

    I was so fortunate to attend a morning at Steve Robinson, Glass Art in St Davids a few weeks ago. It was a trade day courtesy of Pembrokeshire Tourism and gave us an idea of what visitors to Steve’s studio might expect if they were to book onto one of his workshops.

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  • Foodie Heaven in Narberth

    The last weekend of September saw the Narberth Food Festival coming to town.

    This is a festival with a wonderful atmosphere and plenty of seats!

    There are delights galore if you like your food, there’s a beer tent and live music playing in the outside area and inside the marquee there are many, many independent food retailers from the local area and beyond. Infact, you can enhoy a 3 course meal from all the tasters that are on offer!

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  • Ironman comes to Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    Ironman comes to Pembrokeshire

    Swimmers Ironman Wales
    2000 swimmers starting their race

    40,000 people recently descended on Pembrokeshire, Tenby, in particular to watch or take part in Ironman Wales.

    Running shoes waiting
    Running shoes waiting to be collected after the swim

    This challenging competition is run over 1 day, with a sea swim, biked ride and then topped off with a full marathon! It’s not for the faint hearted and it is deserved of it’s name!

    My friend Gills’ son, Neil was in the competition-the second time for him and I also had a guest staying who was here to cheer on her sister, who was also competing.

    Over 2000 men and women entered, with over 190 being from Pembrokeshire.

    Swimmers prosession
    The swimmers procession down to the start of the swim

    The day started at 5 am for us(on my day off!!!!), getting up so that we could drive to Carew to pick up the Park & Ride that the council had put on, as all the roads around Tenby would be closed due to the race. The Park & Ride ran very well, getting us into Tenby for 6.15am, and already the town was filling up, with Ironmen in their wet suits being spotted getting ready for their swim!

    The swim start time was 7am, and there were thousands of people standing all over looking the beach ready to cheer them on.

    Sun Rising
    The sun rising just as the swam began

    The sea got more choppy as time went on, so the slower swimmers did have the hardest job-they had to swim 2 laps within 1 hour 15 mins to be able to carry onto the next leg-the bike ride.


    I was standing next to a family who were supporting the husband competing in the race-he had previously done a half Ironman in Bolton, and they were amazed by how many people had turned out to cheer on the competitors, they said the atmosphere was much better in Pembrokeshire! (Yaay!!)

    After the swim, the competitors had to run to transition to get onto their bikes and cycle all over south Pembs, before coming back to transistion to change into running shoes to finish with a full marathon.


    Neil was hoping to get within a 12 hours finishing time, and all the family was there to support him.

    The day started at 7am, and the competitors had until midnight that night to get all 3 stages completed, with individual deadlines in place for each stage, complete it within the deadline or be disqualified and therefore unable to continue.


    As it happened, Neil did tremendously well, finishing faster than some of the professionals, with a final time of 11 hours, 30 mins and a position of 126-go Neil!! I must find out what he had for breakfast!!

    Neil on his last lap
    Neil enjoying his last lap!

    What’s his next challenge going to be??


  • Getting Activated!!

    Granola finished
    The finished product, fructose free Granola!

    I have been reading quite a bit lately on the benefit of ‘activating’ nuts before use. I hadn’t heard of it until recently, and then, of course, once you start delving you find out loads!

    In a nutshell(no pun intended), nuts in their natural state contain toxins in their husks that are hard for our bodies to digest. Soaking and then drying them causes them to sprout, which activate enzymes that make them easier to digest. It produces a crunchier and a bit toastier version of the original nut, I must say I can’t really tell much difference in taste. Almonds (have you seen the price for a small tin??), walnuts, pistachios, pecans and pumpkin seeds work best, while the ‘oiler’ nuts such as macadamias or cashews can go a little soggy, so only soak these for 6 hours.

    So, what do you do?

    Get Activating!

    Soak your nuts overnight
    Soak your nuts overnight

    Soak the nuts overnight in water and a little salt in a covered bowl of water. Drain then spread out into a single layer and dry in the oven for 12-24 hours, depending on how low you can get your oven. On a gas oven, just the pilot light is sufficient. In my Aga, I found that 6 hours dried out the cashews ok in the bottom oven but the other nuts needed longer and I ended up burning them, hence I discovered the top of the cooler cooking plate does a fine job over nearly 24 hours!

    Drying out
    Drying out


    Once they’re done, you can store them in an airtight container in the freezer and use them straight from there, as they don’t actually freeze!

    I have learn’t this in the main from reading the I Quit Sugar book, which then led me onto further reading.

    So, now I have my activated nuts, I need to do something with them!

     What Next??

    I have tried a new Granola recipe, which is fructose free, which is great for anyone trying to follow the IQS eating plan, or just generally wanting to be healthier, as there is no sugar in this recipe. It’s very yummy, and I do believe is nicer than my previous recipe, which, although healthy, did have honey in it, which is 40% fructose. This recipe uses Rice Malt Syrup(if you want it a bit sweeter), which is a blend of complex carbohydrates, maltose & glucose, which means it’s a relatively slow releasing sweetener, so doesn’t cause those sugar spikes, that eventually end up with the munchies..well they do with me!

    All cooled, made into Granola and ready to store
    All cooled, made into Granola and ready to store



    1 Cup Dessicated coconut

    2 Cups mixed nuts(activated) roughly chopped-I used walnuts, almonds, cashews,pecans & pumpkin seeds

    2 Cups Rolled Oats (I prefer the jumbo ones)

    2 tablespoons of Chia Seeds (I used white)

    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    80g Coconut oil, melted

    3 tablespoons Rice Malt Syrup (if you want it sweeter)

    Combine all the ingreedients

    Spread on lined baking tray

    Bake at 120c or gas 1/2 until golden, turning halfway through cooking time (approx 20 mins)

    Allow to cool then store in an airtight container

    Then enjoy!!!





  • Fabulous Birds of Prey above Picton Castle

    Pembrokeshire Falconry1


    I was recently fortunate enough to encounter Pembrokeshire Falconry at Picton Castle, as part of a trade day with Pembrokeshire Tourism. I had already bought an ‘Owl Walk’ as a gift for my parents as a Christmas present, but we had yet to use it, so this was a great way to see what might happen at Picton Castle.


    Picton Castle

    Pembrokeshire Falconry4

    The venue for our hawk adventure was Picton Castle, a fairytale castle just outside of Haverfordwest, which is open to the public giving guided tours and has  40 acres of ground to explore, plants to buy and a fabulous cafe serving the best Tapas! If you look back through my blog, you’ll see a piece written on my visit there last year.


    Pembrokeshire Falconry

    The guys at Pembrokeshire Falconry are really caring about their birds and have great stories to tell you. Their latest aquisition is an American Eagle, which they are in the process of training-which is a slow process to ensure they have a happy bird for the length of its life. To find out more about Pembrokeshire Falconry and how they look after their birds, then please click: http://www.pembrokeshire-falconry.co.uk/

    Pembrokeshire Falconry


    History Galore

    As you take the walk around the grounds of Picton Castle and through their woods, you are given a history lesson and will be amazed at the facts that you will encover…so many of our sayings and words are derived from Falconry over the ages. For instance, ‘mantle’ as in the mantle over the fire place- mantlepiece it went onto be, is derived from Falconry. When the hawks(and I saw this myself) go in for a kill, they spread their wings right out and around their prey to stop other birds pinching it, this is called mantling, and you can see how the form they make is similar to that of a mantlepiece over a fire-I’ve taken a picture of it, just as the hawk was landing. The hawks, when I watched this were following a dummy rabbit that the guys in Pembrokeshire Falconry had trailed on a piece of string to make it look like a real rabbit from above!

    Pembrokeshire Falconry3

    Other phrases such as ‘under the thumb’ , ‘wrapped round his little finger’ and ‘old codger’ all come from Falconry, but I will leave you find out how they came about when you take your own Hawk or Owl Walk!

    Pembrokeshire Falconry can be found out and about around the county, offering displays at other venues as well as individual events-if you get a chance, then do take the opportunity to get involved.


    I can highly recommend it!

    Pembrokeshire Falconry2

    This is me holding the male Harris Hawk!! I ended our adventure, not with a breakfast but with yummy Tapas coutesy of Maria at the cafe in Picton Castle.  For more info on Picton Castle http://www.pictoncastle.co.uk/

  • Crust to Crumb…

    A Wholesome start to the day!


    Bread making1

    I was very fortunate recently to attend a Vic North baking class at her home just outside Cardigan. I particularly wanted to learn more about making bread with sourdough. I had learned about this in more detail on a Ffres trip I made to Gozo towards the end of last year, to investigate locally produced food. Here, in a bakery, they were making bread in a wood fired oven from a starter that had begun it’s life over 50 years previously, and was something they called the ‘mother dough’. It sounded quite complicated and slightly confusing, so I just stuck with packet yeast for my own bread making for my Pembrokeshire Breakfasts!


    Anyway, a course presented itself just recently via Pembrokeshire Tourism, so I snapped up a place. Vicky is a lovely lady, very patient(she would have to be with me!) and took us through a very busy day full of bread Bread making2making of many different sorts-we started with a wholemeal, then soda bread, then bread sticks, then a tear and share pesto and garlic loaf and lastly we came away with a sourdough loaf in it’s own proving bowl made and ready to prove overnight in our own fridges, so we could take it out the next morning, bake it and offer it to my guests! The heat of the car coming home however, made it start to expand to such a degree that Sue(my B&B friend that also nabbed a place) & I were concerned we were going to be smothered in sourdough! I’m pleased to report that it survived and baked well the following day..guests most appreciative!


    My go!bread making3

    So, I have been ‘dabbling’ ever since, and have successfully made a few good loaves-all going down well with guests and family alike. I am still struggling a little with fitting the whole 24 hours, starter dough business correctly into my day…you need a window of about 24 hours to make this bread from start to finish…but practice will make perfect I’m sure!


    If you’re interested in attending a Vic North Bakes class, you can find more information here: www.vicnorth.co.uk/

    For more information on Ffres: www.ffres.org or Pembrokeshire Tourism: www.holiday-pembrokeshire.co.uk/

  • Would Henry Tudor like my Breakfasts?

     Time For a Run??

    It’sSteve Robinson trophy April and it’s blue skies, so a very keen guest decided to get out on thePembrokeshire  Coast Path, which we are situated on, and enjoy an early morning run before coming back to one of my Award Winning Breakfasts-‘Pembrokeshire’s Finest Breakfast’, no less-as judged  by Pembrokeshire County Council for the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards in April last year.


    The route my guest took was across the circular walk at Dale, encompassing St Anns Head-just under 8 miles and takes in some great history.

    History on our doorstep

    For those of you that have enjoyed the BBC Drama The White Queen and then the books of Phillipa Gregory, this is a must do walk-personally, I wouldnt be running it! You may remember in The White Queen that the  other ‘Margaret’-Margaret Stanley (not the Red Queen) had a son, Henry, in Pembroke Castle-husband died and she married Lord Stanley, while at the same time her son took refuge in France with Jasper Tudor (his Uncle). In the WQ eventually Richard takes the crown after his brother (the King) dies and the other brother being drowned in a vat of red wine. Well,  HenryVII,  once he has grown makes sail to land in Wales and has in mind to take the Crown.

    The route taken today by my guest takes in Mill Bay, where Henry VII landed in 1485 and then made march through Wales and across England, gaining support as he went,  to finally defeat Richard III at Bosworth.

    Butts Bay Mill bay Henry Tudor

    I am sure the coastline hasn’t changed much from when Henry landed, and to imagine 55 Ships and 4000 men coming ashore at Mill Bay and making their way along the Coast Path up towards Aberystwyth, is astounding when you are actually there. It must’ve been such a difficult trek, especially with all that armour and the supplies they must’ve needed! If I had been open back then, perhaps Henry would’ve liked to have had one of my breakfasts to sustain him through the day!

    Time for Refreshment?

    If this inspires you to take the circular walk, I recommend parking in Dale Car park, as, when you return you can enjoy some well earned refreshment at The Griffin, the excellent local pub situated right on Dale front, overlooking the water. One of my favourite pastimes in the Summer evenings is to spend an hour or so with a little drink (gin & tonic or a nice cold cider)  leaning on the beach wall watching the world go by and the sun go down! The Griffin has an excellent reputation for food, with many of the fresh fish dishes comprising of fish brough in directly off the pontoon at the front of the pub. Many guests return to Fields Lodge saying what a good meal they had! http://www.griffininndale.co.uk/

    If you’d like to read more about other things to do in Pembrokeshire then click here: http://www.fieldslodge.co.uk/blog/category/things-to-do-pembrokeshire/

  • Enjoying Mexican @ Halen Mor





    Halen Mor Tortilla


    5 Courses- £15!

    Mexican Communal Dining was the order of the day at Halen Mor last night. A 5 course Mexican inspired meal with some suitable cocktails-my favourite Margerita. The picture above is of the second course, Queso fundido
    3 cheese fondue with mozzarella, cheddar and feta with homemade mexican style chorizo, spicy tomato salsa and crispy flour tortillas. Quality food was evident throughout the night.


    The first course was a Salmon and avocado course:Tequila cured salmon ceviche with avocado green chilli and fresh lime, followed by the Tortilla pictured above-these were so nice we asked for a second bowl! Then we moved onto a pork dish, Pork Pibil:
    A pork casserole with habanaro chilli and achiote with Mexican green rice, black bean stew, pickled cucumber salad and re fried beans. 
    This was finished with a  Palate cleanser-
    Mango, lime and star anise granita. Then onto the l
    ast course, a scrumptious avocado and spiced green apple puff pastry parcel with smoked peach sorbetto. For me, the smoked peach was a bit too smoked, but I am not a fan of smoked foods normally!

    Quality Food

    Halen Mor pride themselves on offering good quality food, rather like myself with my Breakfast produce. I believe that if you start with good quality ingredients then, hopefully, you can always improve your food further! Adam, the chef, prides himself on producing great plates for diners to enjoy and like myself with my breakfasts, I like to see empty plates coming back into the kitchen!

    Greek Night

    Halen Mor opened their doors a little before Christmas 2013 and have already built up a good following of foodies and regularly hold Communal Dining Evenings- the next one being Greek on 8th, 9th & 10th April.

    Greek Menu

    Their phone number is: 01646 693017. If you’re interested in going then do ring up and book your table early as these seats do go quickly!

    For more eating out experiences read  here: http://www.fieldslodge.co.uk/blog/?s=eating





  • Andy Davies Photography Courses

    Andy Davies runs photography workshops in our area, a few of Andy’s students have stayed with me and have praised his skill and patience when dealing with all levels of photographer. I have included here his list of workshops if you fancy improving your photography skills-and of course, you can stay with me here in Fields Lodge whilst you undertake them!

    Skomer Island Photography Workshop

    Andy Davies Puffin

    Join professional Welsh photographer and lecturer, Andy Davies, for an unforgettable day on Skomer Island learning how to use your digital camera to capture the stunning landscapes and rich wildlife. This is a truly world class destination and the memories will stay ingrained for a lifetime. The unique experience of being within inches of the iconic puffins will remain ingrained forever and one can just imagine Sir David Attenborough commentating in the background.

    Andy provides hands-on expert tuition to small groups who are guided in taking control of their camera to capture memorable images. Whether a complete beginner, enthusiast, aspiring professional or seasoned photographer, Andy provides comprehensive tuition to suit all levels in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. There is plenty of time throughout the workshop for one-to-one tuition when topics of your interest can be explored.

    The Workshop is run in association with the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales and Dale Sailing so participants by special arrangement have pre-booked, guaranteed places on the first crossing of the day on the Dale Princess, returning on the last boat of the day giving us as much time as possible on the island. We have privileged use of the library in the Warden’s House to review images on a computer if we need to shelter from a shower.

    Workshops begin in April when the puffins, guillemots and razorbills are busy building nests and courting and the beach in North Haven is crammed full of Atlantic grey seals. An unmissable landscape panorama unfolds in May when the island is covered with a carpet of bluebells and red campion. The end of May to mid-July is the time to capture the iconic shot of a comical puffin with an impossible number of sandeels crammed in its beak. The last couple of weeks of July may afford the opportunity to see a puffling exercising its wings at the entrance to the burrow. See here for a Year in the Life of a Puffin.

    There is still plenty to photograph in August with herring and lesser black-backed gulls often posing on rocky outcrops. We tend to explore the whole island at this time of the year giving an opportunity to capture the great landscapes around the coast. The year culminates in the seal pupping season from late August through to the end of October.

    For recommended accommodation see here and for a video of Andy giving a workshop on Skomer click here. News and images can be found on Andy’s Facebook page here. Workshop reviews from participants can be found on Tripadvisor here.

    Workshop dates for 2014
    April 3rd, 11th, 17th, 22nd, 25th
    May 1st, 6th, 9th, 15th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 29th
    June 3rd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 21st, 26th
    July 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 19th, 24th, 29th
    September TBA
    October TBA

    Further information here http://www.andydavies.info/pages/workshops/skomer.html

    Andy Davies flower

    National Trust Stackpole NNR Photography Workshop
    The National Trust’s Stackpole National Nature Reserve is the venue for a day in the company of Welsh profesional photographer and lecturer, Andy Davies, who will provide hands-on expert tuition to small groups who are introduced to the essentials of creative photography. This is an exceptionally diverse wildlife location offering one of the best chances to photograph a resident family of otters in the UK.

    The Bosherston ponds are at their best when the lilies are in flower at the end of May and the woodlands are carpeted in bluebells and wild garlic. Other subjects of interest are herons, mute swans, damselflies, dragonflies and butterflies. Awe inspiring landscapes abound with Barafundle and Broad Haven being two of the most picturesque beaches in Wales. The autumn woodland colours are spectacular and make for superb landscape compositions when reflected in the ponds.

    Whether a complete beginner, enthusiast, aspiring professional or seasoned photographer, Andy provides comprehensive tuition to suit all levels in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. There is plenty of time throughout the workshop for one-to-one tuition when topics of your interest can be explored.

    We meet at 9.15am for an introductory talk at the National Trust’s Stackpole Education Centre and the day is then spent visiting various locations in the Reserve. Instruction is informal and conducted as we work our way around the ponds, woodland and beaches. The course finishes at 3.15pm.
    Workshop dates for 2014
    February 26th
    March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
    April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
    May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
    June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
    July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
    September TBA
    October TBA

    Further information here http://www.andydavies.info/pages/workshops/stackpole.html

    Andy Davies st brides

    St. Brides & Marloes Peninsula Photography Workshop

    St. Brides Castle, our base for this Workshop, is a 19th century baronial country mansion, spectacularly set within the some of the most picturesque scenery of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The Castle is surrounded by 99 acres of mature parkland and bordered by Old Red Sandstone cliffs which are stunning when bathed with evening light and assaulted by Atlantic surf. The woodland has a superb carpet of bluebells and red campion in the spring.

    The Marloes Peninsula is one of the top landscape destinations in the UK with impressive views over Jack Sound to Skomer Island and, just to the south, the majestic Marloes Sands. Wooltack Point is a particularly good location for watching porpoise and plunge-diving gannets and the coves are full of seal pups from late August to the end of December.

    The large tidal range here of almost 8 meters allows a stunning variety of marine life to be discovered in the myriad of rockpools exposed during low spring tides at St Brides Haven, a stone’s throw from the Castle. The area has a diverse range of coastal birds including the charismatic chough and soaring fulmar petrel as well as a number of raptors such as peregrine falcons which nest nearby.

    This workshop caters for all skill levels, from complete beginners to aspiring professionals. Your tutor is Andy Davies, a professional photographer and lecturer, who provides hands-on expert tuition to small groups who are initially taken back to the fundamentals of photography, rapidly progressing to having full creative control of either digital compact cameras with manual capability or digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLRs) with interchangeable lenses. There is plenty of time throughout the workshop for one-to-one tuition when topics of your interest can be explored.

    Workshop dates for 2014
    Alternative dates are available.
    February 25th
    March 11th, 25th
    April 8th

    Further information here http://www.andydavies.info/pages/workshops/st_brides_castle.html